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Maximum attention to the reader and the authorOur goal as Publisher is to inform, educate and update readers, highlighting and enhancing the skills of our authors, although emerging. Our background first as a reader, then as authors and today as Publisher allows us to understand what are the doubts and concerns that may be of interest to those who wish to publish their work.

It is important that the author has the right economic reward, but even more important is that his professional work and editorial arrivals at the right reader, the reader who knows how to value it and apply it.

We are engaged in continuous search for different productions, in the search for talent. Unlike others, we pursue our mission by publishing the works on structured necklaces, never individually, so that the reader can have a single reference in terms of references, content and purpose.

Our editions

We chose to identify our issues with the Latin phrase “Lex et Ars” to better highlight that what we publish is the result of a double analysis, both in terms of the law and jurisprudence, both from a technical profile and of its application. The two aspects can be well married within the same work or they can be declined in a structured way and in several parts in our book series.


Professional Publishing Service (PPS)

Our editorial products are all characterized by high quality of the content and materials used in printing. As regards content, we can work together with the Authors with our legal and technical expertise.


Professional Education and Training (PET)

We organize professional courses (education and training) on the topics covered in our publications.

Professional Advice Service (PAS)

We provide highly professional advice, both legal and technical.

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